Grapes of Wrath

An online exhibit by English 690 (Spring 2017) at San Francisco State University

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Contributors: Lyanne Teopaco, Oliva Torres

The challenge of migration

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Families who are struggling during the migration to California

Searching for farm work in California

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Families who moved to California and are now in search of farming jobs.

Letters on travels to/from California

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Letters documenting the traveling to/from/in California

Billboards of/in California

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Advertisement that was seen on the road to or in California

Family Farming


Status and types of animals/pets in the 1930s


Okie Music

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I am focusing on dance, such as square dancing that served a community building activity, as well as music as a form of protest or a method which…

Family & Community


Analysis and media derived from the 1930's among the families and communities moving towards California or other remote areas of supposed wealth and…

Migrant Work in the 1930s

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This collection explores the array of common wage labor jobs performed by migrant workers all around the country during the great Dust Bowl migration…

Contributors: Michael McFadden